Dom na Podwalu does not only mean comfortable rooms, where you can spend a night. It also has professional training rooms in the very heart of Lublin. It is a perfect place for family, social and business meetings. We have a banquet hall and four training rooms at your disposal. We offer comprehensive solutions that contain a full range of meals, free car park, a possibility to rest outside of the building and rooms for participants of the training.
A large room perfect for carrying out any type of group training. It is equipped with comfortable, soft chairs with desktops, a desk for the lecturer, an interactive board and a sound system. It also has Internet access.
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Two smaller training rooms-perfect for a slightly smaller number of people.
A banquet hall designed for all those who are looking for a suitable place for a family party, a formal dinner for the employees of the company, or to commemorate an event such as the Holy Communion, wedding, anniversary or Christmas meeting.
Big space and equipment provision is what distinguishes our training rooms. Our House is located in the closest neighbourhood of the Lublin Castle, very near to the Old Town, where you can go to have a rest or enjoy a walk with friends after an active day.

We offer training rooms with prices starting

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+ a large car park for free

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Feel welcome in the historic Dom na Podwalu. It is a place with a unique character and great location - perfect for both touristic travels and business trips.

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